WARP is an entirely browser-based application, specifically designed to give market researchers and marketing professionals secure, online access to the right information to drive better decision-making.
WARP's design means there is only one database. Data is uploaded to a central server and accessed by all users, eliminating the need to distribute different databases for different user requirements.
Data and software updates need only be implemented once and are immediately available to everyone.
WARP is incredibly fast. Data is processed at 100k + records per second. Hierarchical data structures.
WARP’s intuitive interface allows users to effortlessly organize, group and label variables.
Different users or groups can have access to their own relevant set of variables. This is particularly useful for employee or omnibus surveys.
Loading is very fast as much of the interface is rendered "on demand" (when a user requests it). A project with 1,000 variables will load as quickly as one with 100.
WARP can easily be branded or co-branded.
 User Access
The types of analysis available to a user can be easily customized dependent upon the user login. Your System Administrator can control user access to all features within the application including access to variables, data sets and reports.
A power user, such as a research analyst, would be able to select any variable, change variables, build and save reports, etc.
A casual user, such as a brand manager or regional manager, may only be able to run some pre-defined reports and the ability to apply different filters.
Charts are generated by simply selecting any rows or columns from the table displayed, select chart type and the chart is rendered immediately. The chart component can even associate a particular color with a certain brand.
Charts are Flash Objects which may be saved and downloaded to client machine and embedded in PowerPoint or e-mailed.
Annotations can be added to share observations with colleagues or clients.